A Reflective Light Stage
A Reflective Light Stage
ICT Technical Report ICT-TR-04.2006 December 23, 2006
Pieter Peers     Tim Hawkins     Paul Debevec
USC Institute for Creative Technologies



We present a novel acquisition device to capture high resolution 4D reflectance fields of real scenes. The device consists of a concave hemispherical surface coated with a rough specular paint and a digital video projector with a fish-eye lens positioned near the center of the hemisphere. The scene is placed near the projector, also near the center, and photographed from a fixed vantage point. The projector projects a high-resolution image of incident illumination which is reflected by the rough hemispherical surface to become the illumination on the scene. We demonstrate the utility of this device by capturing a high resolution hemispherical reflectance field of a specular object which would be difficult to capture using previous acquisition techniques.



ICT Tech Report:

Relit images of a shiny teapot from data acquired in the reflective light stage.