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The Wikihuman Project
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The Wikihuman project is a collaborative by the members of the Digital Human League to advance the study of digital humans. For more information on the Wikihuman project, please visit their blog at

Seven years after Digital Emily was created, Emily O'Brien was generous enough to have herself scanned again, this time at much higher resolution and fidelity. This scan is the first subject used in the Wikihuman project. This data, along with work done by the Digital Human League is now available for download.


Model:   The model is provided in Alembic format and OBJ format. Maps:   The maps are all in exr format.

Single Scatter

Displacement Mask



Micro Geometry Displacement


The following graph explains the best method of applying the displacement maps

The following graph outlines the recommended method of building a shader network for the provided maps

Here is the OSL version of the shader

Maya scene file:

The Maya scene file supplied here contains the model and shaders. Note: Requires Maya 2015 or above and V-Ray 3.0 for Maya or above.

Reference images:

The following are reference images and cameras. (Reference images in EXR format.)

Unpolarized Reference Data


Parellel Polarized Point Light Reference Data


Cross Polarized Point Light Reference Data


Specular Only Point Light Reference Data


Alembic Scene :
Maya Scene :
3Ds Max Scene ( 2014 ) :
OBJ File :
Maps :
Shader :
Reference : DigitalEmily2_Unpolarized.rar


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