Concave Surround Optics for Rapid Multiview Imaging
25th Army Science Conference, Orlando, Florida, November 2006
SIGGRAPH 2006 Poster
Andrew Jones    Paul Debevec    Mark Bolas*    Ian McDowall**   
USC Institute for Creative Technologies    *Fakespace Labs, Inc.    **Sony Corporation   
***USC School of Cinematic Arts

Many image-based modeling and rendering techniques involve photographing a scene from an array of different viewpoints. Usually, this is achieved by moving the camera or the subject to successive positions, or by photographing the scene with an array of cameras. In this work, we present a system of mirrors to simulate the appearance of camera movement around a scene while the physical camera remains stationary. The system thus is amenable to capturing dynamic events avoiding the need to construct and calibrate an array of cameras. We demonstrate the system with a high speed video of a dynamic scene. We show smooth camera motion rotating 360 degrees around the scene. We discuss the optical performance of our system and compare with alternate setups.

Our primary setup consists of: (a) a static cylindrical mirror, (b) a flat spinning mirror tilted 35 degrees up from the vertical, and (c) a high speed video camera. The subject (d) sits directly below the center mirror.

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