Using an HDR Shop Plugin

Using an HDR Shop plugin is simple. First, download the .exe file for the plugin and place it the "plugins" directory of HDR Shop. (If this directory doesn't exist, create it in the same directory as your hdrshop.exe executable.)

The next time you start HDR Shop, it will scan for plugins in this directory and list the new plugin that you have installed. (If you already have HDR Shop open, select "Rescan Directory" under the "Plugins" menu to cause it show up in the menu.)

Next, open an image in HDR Shop and perform any processing on it you wish to perform, and then select your desired plugin from the Plugins menu. HDR Shop will query the plugin to find out its info and parameters and then bring up a dialog box listing the plugin's help file and parameter inputs. Enter the desired values for the plugin parameters (Such as blur width, or a special output filename). Then press the "Execute" button. The image will be written to a temporary .pfm file and the plugin will be called on to process the image from disk (thus, make sure that you have enough free disk space for the input and output images to be written.) If the plugin reports success, click OK on the dialog box. If the plugin produces an output image, it will then be loaded automatically into HDRShop. The plugin dialog box will stay active so that you can run it again on the same input image with different parameters. Close the window when you're through.

The HDR Shop Plug-in architecture is designed so that plugins can also be used as stand-alone programs. If you have HDR images stored in the .pfm file format, feel free to run the plugin to process the file from the command line (or from a batch file) directly. For example:

hdrshop_plugin input.pfm output.pfm -option1 value1 -option2 value2

You can download plugins at: HDR Shop Plugins