Vision & Graphics Lab

The ICT Vision & Graphics Laboratory develops new techniques for creating and displaying photorealistic computer graphics of people, objects, and environments. We specialize in developing image-based methods for acquiring shape, reflectance, and motion from digital photography and video. The results are computer-generated virtual models which look and behave as realistically as possible, viewable from any viewpoint and in any illumination conditions.

Key technologies in our work include:

  • High Dynamic Range Imaging, which uses standard digital cameras to record the full range of illumination in real environments.
  • Image-Based Lighting, which illuminates virtual objects with lighting conditions captured from the real world.
  • Light Stages, a set of lighting devices that record how faces, objects, and bodies appear under computer-controlled illumination conditions.

Our work spans a range of activities including:

  • Presenting academic research papers in venues such as ACM SIGGRAPH.
  • Collaborating on applications with companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, WETA Digital, and Image Metrics.
  • Creating short films demonstrating new computer graphics techniques such as The Parthenon.
  • Developing software tools which implement techniques from our research such as HDR Shop.
  • Technology licensing through the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation.

This web site contains links to our research papers, videos, online datasets, software packages, and online demonstrations.